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New therapies

New treatment approaches are important for the future. Let's start today.

What are the molecular processes that lead to cancer? Why do cancer cells become resistant to therapies? And what is the effect of radiation on cancer cells? To make progress in the treatment of cancer, a great deal of knowledge about the different forms of cancer and the underlying biological and biochemical mechanisms is necessary. And that in turn requires decades of basic research. It creates a better understanding of how cancer develops.

Thanks to the findings from basic research, great progress has been made in the treatment of cancer in recent years. Many tumour diseases are now easily treatable, some are cured for decades, while others can be transformed into chronic diseases. With every new finding from basic research and its transfer to the clinic, the hope of curing even more patients in the future increases.

Basic research needs your valuable support: we use every franc donated to make the best and most promising basic research projects possible.

Only when we find out exactly how cancer develops can we successfully fight it. Get involved in advancing basic research at universities and hospitals.

Help to make healing the rule.

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