About «Together.Krebsforschung»

«Progress takes time. Together with you, we can advance faster.»

Dr Peggy Janich, Head Research Funding, Swiss Cancer Research foundation

Why «Together.Krebsforschung»?

Every individual can make a meaningful contribution. It's even better to show solidarity together.

This donation platform offers precisely this opportunity. Doing a good deed together with your family and friends is an indescribably beautiful feeling. It's great that you are part of it too!

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Who is the Swiss Cancer Research foundation?

The Swiss Cancer Research foundation has been funding research projects in all areas of oncology (basic research, health services research, clinical, epidemiological and psychosocial research) since 1991. Particular attention is paid to supporting patient-oriented research, the results of which benefit patients and their loved ones as directly as possible. The foundation is independent of the pharmaceutical industry.

More information on the Swiss Cancer Research foundation is available on our website www.krebsforschung.ch/ (German, French, Italian).

Find out more on the Swiss Cancer Research: How we promote the research

Download or request our Research Report on Cancer Research in Switzerland

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